Maaike is a womenswear label based in Auckland, New Zealand established by Emilie Pullar and Abby van Schreven in 2010.

Emilie and Abby are both from the South Island of New Zealand and met in Auckland working for another designer. They have grown a loyal following in New Zealand and overseas becoming known for their timeless and easy to wear pieces. Their custom fabrics have become the cornerstone of their design often collaborating with artists both locally and internationally.

Sold in leading boutiques throughout New Zealand and Australia, Maaike continues to grow and expand, appealing to a wide range of age groups and body shapes.

Maaike + Co

Maaike + co is the flagship store for the Maaike brand recently relocated into their beautiful Karangahape Road studio in Auckland.

Here you will find the full Maaike range adjacent to the Maaike workroom where all the magic happens.This is a completely personalised shopping experience where you can see first hand how the collections come to life plus have the option to have garments altered, repaired and even custom made.

Open by appointment with parking available so call or email us anytime 09 3024120 [email protected] and make sure you are signed up to our database at www.maaikeandco.com for all the news and new releases!