Our top food spots in LA

Ok so look, I have a motto that what you eat on holiday doesn’t count. I mean, you’re doing so much walking right?! If you watch what you eat on holiday I just have no time for you (in the nicest possible way!) as food is pretty much what I base travel around. I feel like a lot of people would think LA isn’t a great place for food and they couldn’t be more wrong. Here is a round up of some of our favourites



I’m going to start with my absolute top pick and probably the best restaurant I’ve been to anywhere. The food looks simple but it is so complex and is the kind of food you don’t want to swallow as the flavours are that amazing – it literally brings tears to my eyes it is that good. I wish I had a photo of one of our starters which was a spinach gnocchi with a big bone sitting on top and when it came to the table the waiter scrapped all the marrow off the bone and mixed it in to the gnocchi. Just wow. We ordered three desserts and I feel like the chef working in front of us was giving us an appreciative slow clap. We sat at the counter and watching the chefs work in front of us was beautiful, the care and precision was incredible to watch.


Jon and Vinny’s

I feel like this is where the cool kids go, a super fun and loud Italian restaurant that plays Cardi B and the bolognese is slow cooked for six hours. The tiramisu here was indescribable and will stay with me for a long time. Like Bestia we reserved a counter spot for the best view.

Best breakfast – Sqirl

This breakfast was outstanding. A highlight being the HUGE slab of brioche with almond butter and homemade jam on top. A must to visit.

Best diners

If you are looking for a cheap meal diners are the way to go and the decor is always amazing. These were a few of our favourite spots

Cafe 101

Mel’s Diner

Corvette Diner – San Deigo.

This place was full 50’s neon amazingness. My sister and I ordered their specialty burger which was beef, bacon and peanut butter. It took us a few days to recover.

Best Rooftop Bars

There isn’t a shortage of rooftop bars in LA and these three were our favourites. When you have been walking around the often crazy streets of downtown LA these spots are a true oasis and the views are not to be missed.

Ace HotelPerchMama Shelter

Highland Park Bowl

This is the oldest bowling alley in LA built in 1927 and one of my top recommendations when in LA – the cocktails are incredible and it’s such a fun spot.

La Jolla

La Jolla is a really beautiful suburb about 2 hours south of LA and it’s well worth checking out if you are trekking around.

Galaxy Taco

A fantastic Mexican spot – the grilled avocado taco was something pretty special!

Harry’s Coffee Shop

This was the cutest coffee shop, the kind where the regulars sit at the counter and you can tell they have been coming here their whole lives. The peanut butter shake was life changing.


Coronado is an affluent beach suburb in San Deigo. The Hotel Del Coronado was built 130 years ago and was where ‘Some Like it Hot’ was filmed. If you are here grab a drink on the sun deck over looking the beach. For lunch head to Clayton’s Coffee Shop it’s been there forever and is a spot we go back to every time.


Night + Market

This is Thai Street food and a really similar vibe to Kiss Kiss in Auckland. We went here before Highland Park Bowl and the food was really good.

Broken Spanish

This is a top rated high end Mexican restaurant in DTLA – the food was outstanding but we got a bit of a dud table so it ruined the vibe for us a bit. I’d be keen to give it another go.

Grand Central MarketĀ 

I think this is a must do in DTLA – it is like Ponsonby Central on crack with every type of cuisine you could imagine.

In and Out Burger

You cannot go to California without going to In and Out, it hasn’t been overhyped it’s just that good. It was pretty much out first meal and then we googled the closest one to LAX so we could have it as our last meal before flying out #classy